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About MCR
1% rebate shall be given to property owner who will pay the property tax by cashless system.
Street Vendor Rohtak
immovable Property of MC Rohtak
Swachh Haryana Swachh Bharart Abhiyan
Unauthorised Buildings
Establishment of Common Services Centre and Selection of VLE/ULE
At a Glance of Development Work and details thereof
Sampla MC Voter List
Regularised Colonies in 2013
Regularised Colonies in 2013 Prop. ID map
Detail of building applications
National Innovation Foundation
House Tax- Know Your Details
Court Cases
Birth & Death Certificate
Marriage Registration
Building Permission
Complaint & Suggestion
Sanitation Works
Outdoor Advertisements
House Tax
Licenses of mobile towers & communication cables
Rental Property
Sale of Land
DC Rates
Removal of encroachments on MC land
Building Bye-Laws
Haryana Buidling Code 2017
Chief Electoral Officer Haryana
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Application Form for Birth Certificate
Application Form for Death Certificate
Affidavit Form for Birth Certificate
Affidavit Form for Death Certificate
Marriage Registration Form
Animal Registration Form
Progress Of Work
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