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Departments »» Development Branch
Functions of the Development Branch of M.C, Rohtak.
1. Preparing the estimates of all the development works being undertaken by M.C.Rohtak.
2. Inviting the tender applications after all the technical and administrative approvals.
3. Issuing work orders and afterwards monitoring the development works.
4. Getting the bills entries done in the account books.
For all these the necessary function is to be performed by a J.E at first level, at present there are 3 J.Es whose field of work is as following
S.No. Name Contact No. Field of Action.
1. Sh. Jagdish City J.E 9467870799 Ward no. 13 to 18
2. Sh. Vivek Gill City J.E 9996382221 Ward no. 19 to 31
3. Sh. Manoj Kumar City J.E 9991265800 Ward no. 1 to 12
4. Sh. Bharat Joon, City J.E 9812088830 Ward no. 13 to 18
5. Sh. J.P Goyal, City J.E 9812427636 Ward No. 19 to 31
6. Sh. Satyawan City J.E 9992518131 Ward No. 1 to 12
1. City J.Es also take up the works related to Building Branch additionally.
2. Sh. Satyawan City J.E also working for the electricity branch additionally.
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