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ORGANIZATION CHART (Engineering wing)



Joint Commissioner

Superintendent Engineer

Executive Engineer = 1

Assistant Engineer (Civil) = 3

Assistant Engineer (Electric) = 1

Junior Engineer (Civil) = 4

Junior Engineer (Electric) = 1

Wing Clerk = 1


Municipal Corporation Rohtak
Engineering Branch
Zonal Taxation Officer

 Technical  Engineering  MCR/TECH/ENGG/01
 • Estimate preparation
 • Submission of estimate for administrative and technical approval under various schemes
 • Tendering
 • Allotment of work
 • Monitoring of works
 • Preparation & submission of bills for payment
   Electrical wing MCR/TECH/ELEC/01 Maintenance of street light, traffic signals, pumps sets in parks, corporation office and building own by the MCR
   Horticulture  MCR/TECH/HORT/01  Maintenance of parks, around about, plantation on the central works.
   Town Planning  MCR/TECH/TP/01
 • Sanctioning of building plans of residential /industrial, commercial /public buildings
 • Identification of encroachments
 • Regulation of unauthorized colonies
 • Declaration of commercial streets
 • Preparation of town planning schemes
 •Excitation and demarcation of MC limits and ward limits
 • Lease/sale of land
 • Issue of NOC for electricity, Water, sewage connection.
 • Issuing of DPC, Compellation and occupation certificate.
 • Population survey in MC area
   Enforcement wing/Cell  MCR/TECH/EW/01
 • Removal of temporary and permanent encroachment from MC land
 •Demolition of unauthorized construction.
 • Issue of NOC for electricity, Water, sewage connection.
  Monitoring and Vigilance cell    • Monitoring and sampling of civil works
 •Inspection /Monitoring of horticulture works
 • Conduct enquiry of complaint of civil works
Engineering Wing:- headed by Superintendent Engineer, MC Rohtak
To arrange funds from Govt. of India, State Govt. and other financial institutions for development of infrastructure and civic amenities of Municipal area under different scheme.
To prepare the estimates and to arrange administrative approval and technical sanction of development works.
Formulation, implementation and monitoring of projects sponsored by Govt. of India, State Govt. and other financial institutions.
Monitoring of development works of Municipal Corporation, Rohtak
To devise guidelines, procedure and frame work for creation and maintenance of various civic amenities in municipal area.
To implement the execution of projects under PPP mode.
Construction and maintenance of Roads, bridges and drains.
Urban forestry, protection of the environment and promotion of ecological aspects.
Slum improvement and upgradation.
Provision of urban amenities and facilities such as parks, gardens, play-grounds.
Construction and maintenance of burial grounds, cremation grounds and electric crematoriums.
Construction and maintenance of Cattle pond
Public amenities including street lighting, parking lots, bus stops and public conveniences.
Construction and maintenance of slaughter houses.
The construction, maintenance of drains and drainage works and of public latrines, urinals and similar conveniences.
The construction and maintenance of municipal markets
The securing or removal of dangerous buildings and places
The construction, maintenance, alteration and improvements of public streets, bridges, culverts, causeways and the like; (l) the lighting, watering and cleaning of public streets and other public places.
Construction and maintenance of municipal offices.
Construction and maintenance of public parks, gardens or recreation grounds.
Construction and maintenance of a fire-brigade and the protection of life and property in the case of fire
The maintenance of monuments and memorials vested in a local authority in the Municipal area immediately before the commencement of this Act or which may be vested in the Corporation after such commencement
The maintenance and development of the value of all properties vested in or entrusted to the management of the Corporation
The fulfillment of any other obligation imposed by or under this Act or any other law for the time being in force
Planting and care of trees on road sides, etc.; and survey of buildings and lands.
Construction and maintenance of stadia, gymnasia, Akharas and places for sports and games
The construction and maintenance of-
a) rest houses
b) poor houses;
c) Infirmaries;
d) children's homes;
e) houses for the deaf and dumb and for disabled and handicapped children;
f) shelters for destitute and disabled persons;
g) asylums for persons of unsound mind;
Construction and maintenance of dwelling houses for Corporation officers and other Corporation employees
Construction and maintenance of swimming pools, public wash houses, bathing places and other institution designed for the improvement of public health
The construction and maintenance of warehouses and good owns
The construction and maintenance of garages, sheds and stands for vehicles and cattle biers
The improvement of the Municipal area in accordance with improvement schemes approved by the Corporation
Any measures not hereinbefore specifically mentioned, likely to promote public safety, health, convenience or general welfare.
The Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994 as amended from time to time section 173 to 248, 276, 279, 282, 339 to 345 & 408
Haryana Municipal works rules 1976 as amended from time to time.
Haryana Municipal Accounts Code 1930 as amended from time to time.
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