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ORGANIZATION CHART (Taxation & License Wing)



Joint Commissioner

Zonal Taxation Officer

Tax Superintendent = 1

Tax Inspector = 2

Tax Assistant = 2

Land Officer = 1

License Inspector = 1

Marriage Registration Clerk = 1

Rent Clerk = 1

Land branch . Marriage registration
. Licenses for various trades industries/storage yards / street vendors
. Controlling of outdoor advertisements
. Licenses of mobile towers & communication cables
. MC shops rent
. Sale of MC land
. Removal of encroachments on MC land
. Imposition of various Municipal taxes as per MC Act 1994
. Booking of Municipal Halls, Grounds, Parks, Community Centre
Taxation & licenses Branch
(owner ship change)
. Assessment of taxes of residential and commercial units
. Preparation of bills as per assessment report
. Distribution of tax bills
. Collection of tax/ development charges/ licenses fee
. Issuance of No-Due certificates
. Change of title in property register
Taxation & Licensing wing headed by Zonal taxation Officer:
  Functions Section
Imposing house-tax/property-tax The Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994 as amended from time to time Sch.2. Second Schedule.- (See Section 331), 330, 331, 334 to 337) & Section 87 to 121, Section 150 to 161
A tax on vehicles, plying for hire or kept registered under the motor vehicle act
A development tax
Show tax
Tax on consumption on energy
Tax on driving licenses issued under motor vehicle act.
A fee on the advertisement.
Fire Tax.
Vital statistics including registration of births and deaths.  
The maintenance and development of the value of all properties vested in or entrusted to the management of the Corporation;  
The fulfillment of any other obligation imposed by or under this Act or any other law for the time being in force;  
The registration of marriages;  
Levy of stallages rents and fees.  
Issuance of licenses u/s 330, 331, 334, 335, 336, 337,  
Making supplementary survey regarding imposition of property tax.  
Transfer/addition of property for tax on land and building purposes.  
Leasing the land/building of Municipal Corporation of Rohtak.  
Making the recovery of all types of debits as declared by Municipal Corporation.  

Municipal Corporation Rohtak
Tax Branch
Zonal Taxation Officer

Receipt & Dispatch of Tax Branch
Assessment of taxes of residential and commercial plots
All type of Licenses in Corporation
Change of title in property register
Marriage registration
Controlling of outdoor advertisements
Disposal of Property
Receipt & Dispatch of Tax Branch
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
All kinds of Dak/Letters regarding with tax received in person or by post in Tax Branch of the Corporation. Receipt Clerk Daily    
After seen by the higher competent authority the detailed entry is being done into the Receipt Register. Receipt Clerk Daily Receipt Register  
All Kinds of Dak/Letters meant for outside the O/O the Corporation of Tax Branch are dispatched with proper entry in the register. Dispatch Clerk Daily Dispatch Register  
All Local Dak/Letters are delivered through peon to the concerned offices. Peon Daily Peon Book  
All outstations Dak/Letters are dispatched through ordinary/registered post. Dispatch Clerk Daily Dak Ticket  
A sum of Rs. 2000/- is being given as an advance for purchase of Dak Ticket. Dispatch Clerk Monthly    
A register is being maintained for keeping the record of postage and is audited. Dispatch Clerk Monthly Dispatch Register & Dak ticket  
Assessment of taxes of residential and commercial plots
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
Tax/Fee should be imposed by the corporation u/s 87 of Haryana M.C Act. 1994 with prior permission of the Government :-
i. Tax on building and lands ( House)
ii. Fire Tax.
iii. Show Tax
iv. Tax on vehicle under Motor Vehicle Act. 1988 ( Act. 59 of 1988)
v. Tax on Driving licenses issued under the Motor Vehicle 1988(Act. 59 of 1988) with the corporation area.
vi. Any other tax that may be imposed under the provision of Haryana Municipal Act. 1973.
vii. Fee, Fee on Advertisement other than advertisement in the newspaper.
viii. Fee on building applications.
ix. Development Fee (charges) for providing and maintaining civic amenities in certain areas.
x. License Fee
Zonal Taxation officer As per Govt. instruction As per Govt. Rules & approvals  
Municipal Corporation shall cause an assessment list of all land and buildings in Municipal Corporation area. Tax Superintendent / ZTO After every Five years U/S 97  
3- After preparation of assessment list Commissioner shall give public notice thereof and of the place where the list or a copy of assessment may be inspected Commissioner 30 days U/S 97 (2)(3)
Any objection to ratable value or any other matter or entered in the assessment list shall be made in writing to the commissioner before date fixed in the notice and shall state in what respect the annual value or other matter is disputed and all objections so made shall be recorded in a register to be kept for purpose. Commissioner / Z.T.O/ Tax Superintendent 30 days U/S 97 (4)
Register of objection, objection form
The objection shall be inquired and the person making them shall be allowed may opportunity of being heard either in person or by his authorized agent by a Corporation constituted by worthy Commissioner. Hearing
As per scheduled U/S 97(5)  
After disposal of all objections and revision of rate-able values has been completed the assessment list shall be authenticated by the signature of the worthy Commissioner or as the case may be the officer authorized by him in his behalf. Commissioner and his authorized representative As per scheduled U/S 97 (6)  
The assessment list so authenticated shall be deposited in the office of the corporation and shall be open for inspection free of charge during office hours so all owner, lessees or occupier of land and building comprised therein or the authorized agents so such persons and a public notice i.e. so open shall forthwith be published Commissioner and his authorized representative As per scheduled U/S 97(7)  
Assessment made by the Corporation shall valid for 5 Years. In this period Supplementary assessment may be done by the Corporation but new list not to be prepared every year.

Commissioner and his authorized representative As per scheduled U/S 100  
After completion of all process of assessment, House Tax bill prepared ward wise and entered demand/ assessment register. Tax Inspector/ Tax Superintendent 30 days after final publication of assessment Demand / Assessment Register  
After this the House Tax bills distributed to the concerned , if the amount specified in the bill is paid with in the period of 15 days from the presentation thereof a rebate of 10 % shall be allowed in the amount tax/fee. If the tax/fee is not paid within 30 days of the due date an interest @ 1 % pm shall be charged of every calendar month or thereof. Tax Superintendent /Tax Inspector/ Bill distributer/ Tax collector As per scheduled U/S 127-128
G-8, Bill Distribution Register
If any sum due on account of tax/fee payable under the act, if would be recovered together with the cost of recovery by all or any of the following process
i. Declaration under arrear of land revenue.
ii. By distrait and sale of defaulter's moveable property.
iii. By attachment and sale of defaulter's immoveable property.
iv. In case of taxes on land and building by the attachment of rent due in respect of property.
v. By a suite.
Tax Superintendent From time to time U/S 130
Notice Form
All type of Licenses in Corporation
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
No person can use or permit to be used any premises for any of the following purposes without or otherwise than in conformity with the terms of a license granted by the Commissioner in this behalf :-

i. All factory and Workshop , Eating House, Lodging Houses , Hotels , Boarding Houses, Tea shop Coffee Houses , Café, Restaurant, Banking , Nursing Homes and Hospitals, Agencies , Vehicle Agencies , Banquet Hall/Garden Cinema, Petrol Pump, Tent Houses, Mobile Towers, Cable Operators & Malls or any other business units

ii. For obtaining the license under various clauses defined in Haryana M.C Act, 1994 applicant should submit his application in prescribed format as on or before 1st April of every year along with following documents :-

a. Fire NOC.
b. Turnover certificate attested by Chartered Accountant in case of industries/workshop.
c. Registration No. of HSIIDC, GM, DIC shop and establishment etc. in case of factory, workshop and any other business unit.
d. NOC from Civil Surgeon for eatable items.
e. Occupation certificate for premises as commercial building / Hotel
f. Lease agreement in case the premises are on lease/rent.
g. Star category certificate in case of Hotel.
h. Undertaking/declaration from applicant that premises is not located in residential or unauthorized area or any encroachment on Govt./M.C.R land.
i. Prescribed fee fixed by the Corporation.

Land & Licensing
Assistant /Land Officer /Z.T.O
Every Financial Year or as and when required by the applicant. U/S 330,331,335,336 & Mobile Tower Policy

Application Form No-I

After receiving the application for license, Corporation issue license and entered in register, if all required documents submitted by the applicant along with fee. Commissioner/Joint Commissioner/ Land & Licensing Assistant /Land Officer /Z.T.O 25 working days of receiving of application License Certificate/ License Register  
Change of title in property register
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
Corporation shall record every transfer on devolution of title notified to him u/s 101 of Haryana Municipal Act, in the assessment record of the Corporation in the following conditions :-
i. Sale Deed.
ii. Gift Deed.
iii. Court Degree.
iv. Registered will.
v. Court Decision.
vi. In above event, the applicant should submit his application for change the title within 90 days. In case of death of any person primarily liable as aforesaid the person on whom the title of deceased devolves shall give notice of such devolution to the commissioner within 6 months from the date of the death of deceased.
Applicant   U/S 101


Documents required for the change of title :-
i- Prescribed application.
ii- Affidavit of applicant.
iii- Copy of Sale Deed/Gift Deed/Court Degree/Court Decision
iv- Will of the deceased.
v- Affidavits of all legal heir.
vi- Late Fee as per case.
Applicant 25 working days of receiving of application License Certificate/ License Register  
Application submitted by the applicant and examined by the Tax Superintendent & he will submit his report after needful done and submitted to DMC through Z.T.O. Tax Superintendent/
Tax Inspector / Z.T.O/DMC
7 working days Prescribed format / G-8  
File submitted to Joint Commissioner & Commissioner as the case may be for grant approval. Jt Commissioner / Commissioner 5 Working Days    
After grant approval from competent Authority title be changed in record and issue copy of amended assessment to the applicant. Tax Superintendent / Z.T.O /DMC 2 working days    
Marriage registration
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
1-Marriage Registration Certificate Act.2008:-
I- As per notification of Haryana Govt. Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act.2008 came in to force July, 16, 2008, vide this Act, all marriage irrespective of religion or caste ceremonised after the date act came in to force, has to be dully registered with in a define period just like Birth and Death cases, though marriages not registered are not invalid . Fine up to Rs. 500/- may be imposed for late registration apart from fees. Marriage under normal circumstances is supposed to be registered within 90 days of solemnization.
II- As per the Act, there is a Chief Registrar of Marriage. There are District Registrar of Marriage also , there are Registrar of Marriages is more than one in Rohtak Municipal Corporation, Joint Commissioner of Corporation is the Marriage Registrar but DMC , Municipal Corporation, Rohtak is exercise the power of Marriage Registrar.

1- Competent Authority to Register the Marriage and issue the Marriage Certificate :-
Registrar of Marriage is the competent authority to register a marriage which is either solemnized in his/her jurisdiction or is one of the bride or bridegroom lives in his jurisdictions at the time of marriage and to issue the marriage certificate for that .
However, in case of marriages solemnized after 16 July, 2008 :-
i- But applied for registration after 90 days to 365 days of solemnization, permission of District Registrar/SDM shall also be required.
ii- and for marriage registration applied for registration after 365 days of solemnization , permission from Chandigarh Head Quarter ( Chief Registrar) shall be required.
iii- In all other cases i.e marriages solemnizes before 16 July, 2008 or solemnized after 16 July, 2008 but applied for registration within 90 days, Registrar of Marriage does not need permission of any higher authority to register the marriage.
2- Fee for Registration of Marriage :-
i. Within 90 days of solemnization of marriage is Rs, 100/- only
ii. Beyond 90 days up to 365 days of solemnization of marriage is Rs. 150/-
iii. Beyond 365 days of solemnization of marriage is Rs. 200/-
3- Documents Required :-
i- Application of Marriage Registration in Form No.I available in District Court Fee Rs.10/-.
ii- 6 No.s of Affidavit, One each from bride, bridegroom, two each from either side (bride and groom) out of father/mother/relative/friend(blood relation preferred)
Note:- Affidavit to be attested by Executive Magistrate. Address in affidavits has to be same as in photo IDs. All six people shall be required to appear before the registrar of marriage or his representative personally.
iii- One Passport size photo of all 6 above.
iv- Photo ID card of all 6 above.
v- Valid residence proof of all 6( any of Ration Card ,BPL Card, Voter Card, Pass Port, Driving License , Domicile Certificate)
vi- 4 recent simple photos of the couple, Size 3"X2". This photo shall be pasted on the marriage certificate. Should not be the marriage ceremony photo.
vii- 3 Card size photos of the marriage ceremony says:-Jaimala Photo, Phere Photo, Photo of bride and groom on the stage etc.
viii- Fee receipt as per Para No. 3 above. Challan Form
ix- Age proof of bride and groom.
x- Wedding Card.
Note: - All photos should be attested by a Gazzetted officer/notary. Perhaps two copy of each are required. Marriage Registration Certificate, in Form IV 3 (3) d, shall be provided by the Registrar.
4- Submission of Application:-
Marriage Registrar-cum-Joint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation has fixed up 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM of every Tuesday and Thursday to accept the applications. It is suggested that a person visit the office of the Registrar to confirm sufficiency of documents etc. and then all 6 persons may visit on the day fixed for marriage registration.

Applicant & Marriage Registration Clerk Any working Tuesday & Thursdays Form IV
See Rule 3(3)d and
Under Rules 3 (3) a and 4 (a)
Marriage Registration Register


Prescribed From Govt.
3- Competent authority to issue the certificate, marriage Certificate shall be issue by the competent authority i.e. Registrar of Marriages of the District where the bridegroom is resident of, or the bride is resident of, or where the marriage has been held in Rohtak Municipal Area competent authority is Joint Commissioner or his representative i.e. Executive Officer. Marriage Registrar 7 working days Form .IV 3 (3) d
Marriage Registration Register
Controlling of outdoor advertisements
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
As per Government instruction a Committee of the following officers is being constituted time to time under the supervision of Divisional Commissioner for Revised Prices of Advertisement :-
i- Divisional Commissioner.
ii- Commissioner , Municipal Corporation,
iii- Joint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.
iv- Executive Officer.
v- Land Officer.
Land Officer
As per instructions of the Government and as and when required Haryana Outdoor Advertisement Policy 2008


Corporation earmarked the places of advertisements and call tenders for outsourcing the same in prescribed tender form under the outdoor advertisement policy of the state Land Officer Yearly or as and when required Tender Form
Under State outdoor advertisement policy
3. Tender allotted to the higher bidder of the reserve price and an agreement will be made along with tenderer A Land Officer Within one month , after inviting tender Tender work order & Agreement FXX(MCR/ADM/LO-P-0
Disposal of Property
Process Activities Responsibilities Time Frame Record Format Name Record
(Format No )
Disposal of Property
With respect of the disposal of property belonging to the corporation the following process is being adopted :-
i- Sale of Land.
ii- Lease of Land
iii- Shop Rent
With the permission of Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, Rohtak/ Govt.
Immovable property may be sold, leased, let out on hire or otherwise transferred in normal and fair competition after getting application in prescribed format.
Commissioner or constituted Corporation As and when require M.C. Act.1994
Section 164 & Haryana Govt. notification 2007
Form No.
Corporation has already constructed some shops in Market which is already on rent/lease and a demand register is also prepared for the same for collection of the rent. Land Officer /Rent Clerk   Demand Register /Rent Register  
3. All the lease holder/tenant has to deposit the rent on every 7th date of the month to the cashier of corporation Cashier Any working day G-8 & Rent Register  
As per Govt. instruction a penal interest of 12 % be recovered from the tenant depositing rent after two months from due date Rent Clerk/Cashier Any working day Demand Register, Rent Register & G-8  
A Notice for nonpayment of rent is delivered to tenant. If tenant not deposited the same after notice then a legal process is adopted by Corporation under Land Revenue Act. Land Officer / ZTO/ADA   Notice U/S  
At the time of visit if the material of any shopkeeper found at corporation land that is called movable encroachments. In such cases Land Officer Penalized the shopkeeper with Rs. 500/- and L.O deposited the same in corporation on same day. Land Officer Any working day U/S
Encroachment Register
If shopkeeper cannot deposited the payment of penalty and not remove the encroachments that a legal process be adopted as para. 5 Land Officer /ZTO/ ADA      
Any applicant can apply for booking of Municipal Halls, Grounds, Open Spaces, Community Centre in prescribed format in Corporation Applicant / Booking Clerk Any working days Booking Register & Prescribed Format  
After getting NOC concerned branch/departments a sanction may be granted from competent authority. Commissioner/Joint Commissioner 7 Working days    
After getting sanction from competent authority the same may be allowed to use the space after depositing the prescribed fees. Land Officer/ Booking Clerk 2 working days G-8, Booking Register, Sanction letter  
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